Unlike classic western approach of confining and shaping the body, we at stoïque provide the body the luxury and freedom to shape the garment. Our designs are executed in carefully sourced, refined quality fabrics of natural fibres, all contributing elements inducing ones awareness and state of mind.


full circle | S/S 2024

a dialogue between fullness and void

Inspired by the concept of Sunyata, often translated as voidness, challenges conventional perceptions of reality and invites us to explore the interconnectedness and impermanence of things.
With this collection, we delve into the essence of Sunyata with garments that embody the
fluidity and versatility inherent in the concept. Each ensemble designed to evoke a sense of liberation, freedom and newness, mirroring the idea that nothing exists independently or permanently.
Through minimalist designs and the use of soft flowy materials, we attempt to reflect the
beauty of simplicity and the interconnected nature of existence through this collection.
By embracing the philosophy of shunyata, we encourage individuals to let go of
attachments to form and structure, and instead, find beauty and freedom in the ever-
changing nature of existence.


Masoom Minawala x Stoïque

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CAI x stoïque

Our first footwear collection ' Ukiyo' takes inspiration from a Japanese art that talks about the aesthetics of beauty, love and spirituality, is the central influence in our journey to create the collection. Our designs are inspired by the textures and details seen in these artistic traditions and reflects the interconnectedness of the opposites, a balance between simplicity and complexity.


attention, intention & purpose.

Minimalism is often perceived as cold, boring and non-human, with stoïque we are focusing on minimalist styles that are derived by emotion, are sensual and versatile, while being true to its nature. We have attempted to make clothing that doesn’t restrict the flow of the body but rather is dictated by the wearer. The collection features a lot of strong silhouettes while being sophisticated.